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KPI-OPEN registration algorithm

The winning teams of the previous stage - IASA-OPEN (ONLY student teams) are invited to participate in KPI-OPEN. Anyone who gathers a team and finds a coach can register and participate OUT OF THE COMPETITION.

KPI-OPEN can be attended by 2 teams from each Ukrainian institution of higher education. The participating teams that will take part in the competition and represent their university must be selected by the directing HEI.
  • To register a team on the site, the team coach first registers and creates a personal account. At registration coach will be offered to upload:
    • team logo (provided only if available). It is not necessary to create a logo for registration, since it is not a mandatory option. Logo should be up to 2 Mb, size - any, but better 100x100 or 200x200, extension - .png, .jpg, jpeg
    • cover letter from your HEI (for KPI teams - cover letters can be signed by the dean/director of the department/institute). File should be up to 2 Mb, extension - .pdf, .doc, .docx. Example of the cover letter you may find by the link.
  • After registration you will have to authenticate
  • In the personal account before creating a team, the coach must register all team members (maximum number of team members - 3, one of which is the captain). Note that one captain must be appointed from among the team members. Team members do NOT need to re-register.
  • After registration of team members, the coach forms a team. If the team is successfully created, it should be displayed on the web page showing the registered teams Then the team is checked by the site moderator. A green check mark next to the team will indicate that the team is allowed to participate.
  • If you have done everything as shown in the instructions, and the team still has not appeared on the site page, write to us by e-mail (open@kpi.ua) or by the telegram bot.